• Noverita Lamo Politeknik Negeri Banjarmasin
  • Lea Emilia Farida Politeknik Negeri Banjarmasin
Keywords: Tourism, Role of Tourism, West Halmahera, Regional Economy, Tourism Contribution, Provision of Accommodation and Eating Drink, GRDP


Tourism is the activity of a person or group that visits and travels to an area outside their home region for certain reasons without any intention to settle and make a living. As is known, that the economy of a region is also influenced by the tourism sector because it can increase the region's income. In West Halmahera, there is quite potential tourism from various objects, both natural, cultural and nautical. In an effort to introduce tourism in West Halmahera Regency, the local government organized an annual event, the Jailolo Bay Festival (FTJ) which had begun in 2009. The Jailolo Bay Festival became a media to promote the wealth of tourism in West Halmahera Regency.

Tourism also plays a role in increasing regional income, namely through Regional Original Income (PAD) and Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP). Although its role is still low, but if processed and developed properly, tourism can play a major role in the regional economy.

Recognizing this potential, in its development the Government in West Halmahera District has done a lot of managing the tourism sector. In this study, the author will discuss the overview of tourism in West Halmahera and GRDP in West Halmahera Regency in 2016. The research method used is descriptive research method with the role of tourism variables and Provision of Drinking Dining Accommodation in GRDP in West Halmahera Regency. Data collected based on documentation activities from official sites. The type of research data is secondary data. Then the data analysis technique used is descriptive statistical technique that is by calculating the contribution of the tourism sector through the Provision of Accommodation and Drinking Foods to Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP). The results obtained in this study are the level of contribution of the tourism sector to GRDP is positive, but still minimal.